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Car Body Panels and Welding

Here at our garage, we carry out car body panel repair and replacement, as well as vehicle welding, to restore your car, van or bike to optimal condition. We have extensive experience in carrying out superior repair solutions, and we can perform our work efficiently and for a competitive price. Get in touch with us today if you would like more information about our services or to arrange an estimation.

Car Jigging

When a vehicle sustains extensive damage in an accident, it may need work from our chassis jig. This is to make sure panel work is straight and the chassis alignment is well within the specifications that the manufacturer has set out. Jigging a car needs specialist equipment used by skilful and experienced technicians.

Significant damage can be caused by excessive pulling, which can stretch out metal parts. The jig is vital for making sure that the critical alignment points are accurate. We have many years of experience in performing panel work on heavily accident damaged vehicles. Therefore, we will know where to pull the vehicle and the force that is required. Feel free to get in touch with our helpful team today to find out more about our professional vehicle jigging service.

Car Panel Replacement

When a vehicle is damaged in a collision or has a rust patch beyond repair, the damage is restricted to a singular panel. We can carry out repairs, or for a particularly cost-effective solution, we can replace the panels. We can source and replace panels on nearly any vehicle make or model, efficiently and professionally.

Vehicle Welding

If you realise that there is rust on your vehicle, get it inspected straight away. Rust can spread and cause the body of your vehicle to deteriorate, which is both an MOT failure and a potential risk to your safety. We will use various welding techniques to professionally repair corrosion, extensive or minor, and make sure your vehicle is safe to operate and passes its MOT.

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